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Mirror- Twin Cities is getting a movie!

For Cang Yue fans, this might not be new news, but for me who just recently finished reading her Feather series and currently trying to finish up her Mirror series, this is very exciting news. The movie was first announced back in 2015 to be a joint by Ruyi Films and Syon Media. The film will be produced by Ke Liming (Tiny Times) and Andrew Mason (The Water Diviner) and scripted by John Collee (The Alchemyst, Master and Commander) with Danny Bergeron (Jupiter Ascending, X-Men: Days of the Future Past) for visual effects. I'm liking that this is being made into a movie as I think the story is one of the few chinese novel series that might actually be suitable for foreign audiences since it is free of most cultural and historical shackles that other more heavily historical/period set novels might face. I think Cang Yue's fantasy epic is also possible for foreign non-chinese faces to take on the roles of these characters. There are different races within Mirror, so there are characters with different physical appearances. Characters come in a variety of hair colors and eye colors: blond hair, blue hair, black hair, white hair, black eyes, blue eyes, gold eyes, purple eyes. It was pretty comical when reading comments to Guo Jing Ming's Ice Fantasy, responding on the all-Chinese cast, but let's be realistic, if it is a drama production and made by chinese production companies while being targetted at a Chinese audience (this I can't be sure of GJM's ambitions) I would have to say that his Legend of Ravaging Dynasties probably was more comfortable to watch due to it being an animated production. If not for this movie already being announced, I would've hoped for an animated production for Mirror and Feather series too, just because I was so much more happy with how L.O.R.D. turned out vs. Ice Fantasy visuals-wise. I'm incredibly shallow when it comes to IPs being adapted for the screen, so I'd rather watch a well-made animated film rather than a live action if it would make the whole production look more convincing. I don't need Fan Bing Bing and Chris Wu though, save your money for better things please, for example hire some more visual effects people! No doubt about it, Mirror would probably demand a lot from visual effects, which makes sense as to why Cang Yue waited all this time before considering adapting her Mirror series for film.

Mirror is a high fantasy, which means everything in the story is imagined. Yun Huang is an imagined land on which conflicts between various races occur. The history of Yun Huang spans tens of thousands of years, has its own legends and lore, songs and heroes of old. Yun Huang is not only full of heroes, but anti-heroes, grey characters, actually there are no villains since even 'pure evil' is not actual evil but 'the other side of the coin', the yin for the yang. It's inhabitants and even the inhabitants of the Central Plains beyond Yun Huang have rich cultures and they even have their own religions. The Kong Sang peoples believe their ancestors were gods descended from the heavens. There are the humans which inhabit the land, the yi-zu, those winged beings which they consider gods, also the mysterious jiao-ren, which inhabit the Jade Sea. While one would like to blame it on fate or on the stars, since there is undoubtedly something divine involved in the conflicts, constantly ensnaring these otherwise unrelated peoples, sometimes it is a simple thought, a seemingly harmless desire that throws the entire Yun Huang into tormoil and bloodshed. I am convinced that, even though Yun Huang is an imagined world set in a slightly past-historical time where magic and machine coexist, with the convincing human conflicts throughout it's long histories, it is deserving of the title Mirror, because it certainly makes you wonder if there are parallels in our own world for these ravaging conflicts that torment Yun Huang. Yun Huang is a rich world full of captivating characters and even more captivating stories and often sad, but deep romances between lovers, between friends, between an individual and those of their own race, between kings and their kingdoms. All these romances make these stories colorful and full of meaning. Mirror is a story set like a giant chessboard, the scale is grand and characters almost seem disposable. That's why I feel that Mirror is perfect for producing as a movie, or at least a drama if one were to produce it like a movie, if not, I hope drama producers would just leave it alone and let me keep my little bubble unharmed.

Now because it's 2017 and it's already been two years since the movie announcement, I am getting uneasy. There has been no new news released on the movie since the announcement and the supposed translations for the first two chapters of Mirror, Twin Cities the novel that was posted on their blog I cannot find, also the website www.themirrortwincities.com which the facebook page links to promote the movie either never existed (maybe they'll make it once the actual movie is in production) or was taken down. All we have to hang onto for hope are just a few names and some poster illustrations. No cast has been named yet and so far Cang Yue's weibo has not mentioned the movie since May 2015, the original announcement. Honestly, at this point, although no news is bad news, I kind of feel happy still that the rights for Mirror have been purchased by the film companies which means that they are off limits to Chinese drama producers for now. My latest disappointment in IP adaptation was my all-time favorite novel Once Promised by Tong Hua which shattered my heart into a million pieces already. I don't want to see my hopes for Mirror or Feather dashed against the screen, I don't think I can handle it. I'm at the point where I'd rather not see anymore IPs getting adapted period. Of course that's just my crazy wishful thinking haha, I still wish these authors the best in their career and more people to enjoy these great books even at the expense of a few stars off my rating when I watch it. Some watchers swear that Once Promised is a wonderful watch, but sadly I can't push myself over my own hurdle.

Here's a link to the first three chapters of Mirror Twin Cities posted on 陽光的夏天

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