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Li Kun's illustrations for Cang Yue's Feather Series 李堃-羽系列插图


Something I love about Cang Yue's novels are how vivid she makes the imagery, so when I came across Li Kun's illustrations, my eyes were literally in love. She also illustrated the covers of the Feather Series, so some of these might look familiar. Li Kun also illustrates many other novels for other authors, including a very familiar cover for Tong Hua's Ballad of the Desert that I now know is the work of this illustrator. I think illustrators always need more love, so naturally I can't resist doing an entire post dedicated to my favorite artists from time to time.

Li Kun's work is usually in black and white, which I don't mind as it lets my mind fill in the colors with what I imagine from reading the novels. Although a few of them are basically character-central and just feature the character in a vague setting, most of her illustrations are rather like 'screencaps' of certain scenes in the novel, which makes it so fun for me as I love the novels and I love it even more when I can identify which characters and which scene is being depicted in Li Kun's illustrations. It's kind of like a secret game between the reader and the artist!

If you've also read the books and want a try at the game, click the expand for the rest of the illustrations! If you haven't yet, I'll have a length review coming up soon to pursuade you why you should and what you've been missing out on! Without further ado, check out these gorgeous illustrations already!!

Tags: cang yue, chinese novels, illustrations
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