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18 January 2017 @ 01:50 am
living up to you - chapter 09 - escape  


Translation Notes: 公子(gongzi) is a polite way to address a young unmarried man, usually gives them a sense of status. Ever since it started talking, Ling Xi already knows it's a guy lol. 蔷薇(qiangwei) again is rose.

Rays of light stained the sky in a crimson color, gradually deepening, as if it were blood that had gotten too thick.

On Di Mai Peak, after a sudden silence, screams of fear rose up like waves. In one direction it subsided, only to rise up somewhere else. Clouds of black vapors descended from all directions. In an instant, all the bloody red color previously covering the sky had been swallowed up. Within another short moment, it was as if the entire sky had been stained by black ink, not a thread of light could pass through.

Ling Xi watched as Di Mai Peak, in an instant, turned from bright daylight to black night. The screams of fear all around her made her panic with fear. She held on tightly to Qing Kui, “Second Shixiong, what.. what demons are these? Second Shixiong, it's them again! Those things that caused me and gege to separate three years ago, right?”

Qing Kui was tightly latched onto by Ling Xi, so he had no choice but to drag her forward with him. “Ah-chou, don't be afraid. This is Cang Jia Shan, not some little village by the sea. They won't dare do anything here.”

Ling Xi could only faintly see the crowds swarming, growing larger and more restless. Various screams and shouts made her think back to that horrifying night. Qing Kui's comfort did not have much of an effect.

“Second Shixiong, where's Zhangmen? The zhanglaos? Where's Da Shixiong? Where are we going?”

“Darn it, we can't leave anymore! Ah-chou, you stay here and don't move. Wait until I clear away these Muo entities then I'll come back and get you!” Qing Kui pried off Ling Xi's hand. Di Mai Peak was comprised of new disciples that have not been on the mountain for long, basically they have not even found a shifu nor started their cultivation. There was no way they could go up against these Muo entities...

“Where are we? Second Shixiong don't leave!” Ling Xi wanted to grab onto Qing Kui again, but he was already out of reach.

She could no longer feel Qing Kui's presence around her. The unending screams rung in her ears. She stood in her spot, not daring to move, her fear mixed in with uneasiness. That flock of frightening creatures, it was them that caused her gege to disappear. Would they... would they also cause Qing Kui shixiong to disappear too?

As soon as Qing Kui left Ling Xi's side, he heard the Cang Ming bell ring loudly.

It was Cang Yu calling the entire sect's disciples to gather at Cang Jia's main peak.

Of Cang Jia Shan's seven peaks, due to the disciples living here mostly being new disciples, Di Mai Peak was the only peak with comparably less xian barriers so as to make the transitions easier for their still-mortal bodies which would not be able to sustain the heavy xian energies radiating off of these powerful barriers.

The sudden assault by the Muo realm this time, it was apparent that it came with careful planning. Utilizing the timing of the Sword Trial, they were able to strike Di Mai Peak unprepared.

Sixty years ago, when the Muo Lord's seal had been loosened, it had also attracted an enormous horde of creatures from the Muo realm reminiscent of today's. Ever since Feng Shu had rid Cang Jia Shan of them that time, the Muo realm has rarely reappeared in the Xian realm. However this time, what could possibly have attracted them to suddenly launch an attack on Cang Jia Shan...

“All disciples of Di Mai Peak, listen up! Closed your eyes and stow your breathing, take seat on spot and meditate immediately!”

The moment Qing Kui's order was cast, right away disciples started to quiet down, settling down to meditate as told. There were also disciples that, as if they had not heard him, continued to run and scream as if blindfolded. Furthermore, there were disciples who were already possessed by Muo entities. They had already started to raise their swords against each other.

As this happened, a large portion of the Muo entities changed their target, swooping in Qing Kui's direction.

* * *

The ground was icy cold. Ling Xi wrapped her arms around her knees, tucked inside the little barrier. Her entire body was shaking.

Outside, black shadows relentlessly rammed against the barrier. Each time an impact happened, the barrier would give off a flash of purple light, allowing her to see all those ferocious faces surrounding her.

As time stretched on, it was as if those Muo entities' rage had been stirred. The collisions had not stopped, but the purple flashes became brighter and brighter, so blinding that Ling Xi could not keep her eyes open.

“Go away! Go away! All of you go away from me!” Ling Xi's fear transitioned into anger. She started to shout at the shadows, but what she got in return was laughter. They were bone-chilling laughters so full of savageness and they got louder and louder.

“Haha, little girl, how about you remove this annoying barrier?”

“Go away!”

“Hahahaha, how about you come out then?”

“Go away, you monsters!”

“Hahahaha, or you can give us that spirit you have on you while you're at it!” The sinister voice suddenly became piercing, “Or else we will just get rid of the person that made the barrier. It's all the same!”

Ling Xi's heart leaped in her chest. Her eyes widened as she watched the barrier. The purple flashes really were getting weaker and weaker.

“What... what are you doing to Qing Kui shixiong?”

“Hahaha, little girl, I would hurry up and get out of there if I were you!”

Ling Xi threw her hands over her ears, blocking out their voices. The barrier was still there, that meant that Qing Kui shixiong still had energy to hold it. She wasn't about to let herself get corrupted, running out there and making matters worse! But they wanted her to give them that spirit, spirit...

How would she have whatever spirit they wanted?

Ling Xi took in a couple of deep breaths, tried to calm herself. Removing her hands, she pretended that the shouting outside of the barrier did not exist, borrowing the faint light of the barrier to examine herself. Sure enough, she found a little black turtle clinging to the neck of her robe.

Just then when Qing Kui shixiong dragged her off in a hurry, she had thought it was still laying on the ground back there...

“Little black turtle, what should I do...” Ling Xi lifted it up in the palms of her hands, “I know you can talk. You must know what is going on right now, hurry and tell me... what should I do?”

As soon as the Muo entities outside caught sight of the little black turtle, their impacts got even more violent. The little black turtle only laid there in Ling Xi's palms, unmoving.

“Little black turtle... no, little rose, Qiangwei Gongzi... please talk, please?” Ling Xi was really afraid that barrier was not going to hold for much longer, then she could only rely on this little black turtle that had two hundred years of Qing Kui's cultivation. She was anxiously trying to get it to talk, so she could feel more at ease.

Who knew that after hearing her words, the little black turtle retreated back into its shell, head and all. Now there was no movement at all.

The purple barrier started to flicker, Ling Xi was so panicked that she started to sweat. She was completely at a lack of what to do if the barrier was gone, but she was even more worried that something bad would happen to Qing Kui.

No matter what she said though, the little black turtle still didn't respond. Fissures had started to appear on the barrier. Ling Xi was anxious and angry, throwing down the little black turtle. “What rose! What powerful spirit! All I see is a cowardly turtle! When something comes up, you just know how to hide in your shell afraid to come out! You're embarrassed to have me as a master, well I'm even more embarrassed to have a xian spirit like you! Turtle, turtle, you big useless turtle!”

With Ling Xi's last outburst, there was a loud splitting sound. The purple barrier had finally cracked, disappearing altogether. Countless black entities swooped towards her! Ling Xi's eyes snapped shut tightly, throwing her arms over her head, however the ground underneath her feet suddenly fell away.

What was a little black turtle a moment ago, had transformed into a black eagle . An enormous eagle at that, and it was taking Ling Xi high up into the air.

Ling Xi was not able to keep up with what had just happened, “Ah!” She shrieked. When she opened her eyes again, a large full moon hung in midair before her, accompanied by infinite stars. She could see all of Di Mai Peak in one glance, also it looked like they had managed to throw off those Muo entities.

“Hehe, little black turtle, looks like I misunderstood you!” Ling Xi held onto the feathers at it's neck, giving it a heavy pat on the head, “I knew you had it in you! Don't be mad at me, okay?”

Ling Xi's eyes darted left and right, sure enough she found on it's left wing an imprint. It was a snow lotus in bloom.

So Qing Kui shixiong really did use a spell to force this little black turtle to accept her as its master.

Before obtaining a physical body, a xian spirit must rely on their master in order to thrive. No wonder Qing Kui shixiong simply left her with a barrier and went off...

“Little rose, since you're this powerful, how about you go down there and save a few people?” Ling Xi watched as Di Mai Peak had become an utter chaos. Constantly there were disciples from the other peaks coming over to take Di Mai Peak disciples away, heading in the direction of Cang Jia's main peak. However there were still many disciples who had gotten possessed by the Muo entities and could not break free.

At least little black turtle here had Qing Kui's two hundred years of cultivation, that alone made it much more powerful than any of Di Mai Peak's disciples. If she sent it down there to help, whatever little it was able to do hopefully would amount to something.

The turtle-turned-eagle slowed to a stop high in the air, not moving.

Ling Xi frowned. She suspected that in the entire Xian realm, the most disobedient xian spirit must be hers...

“Then how about you bring me to look for Qing Kui shixiong!” Ling Xi grabbed a handful of it's feathers in her hands and pulled.

No response from 'little black turtle'.

“If you don't listen to me, I'll have Qing Kui shixiong take away your wings!” Ling Xi threatened.

Still, no response from 'little black turtle'.

“With no one giving you any cultivation, let's see how you cultivate a physical body!” Ling Xi continued to threaten.

Still, continued no response from 'little black turtle'.

“Turtle, turtle, you big useless turtle!”

'Little black turtle' suddenly spread its wings, with a blood-rushing 'swoosh' it soared downwards.

Ling Xi beamed happily. So Qing Kui shixiong is most afraid of her crying. So this little black turtle is most afraid of her calling it a 'turtle'!
lyly08lyly08 on March 5th, 2017 07:35 pm (UTC)
Well this was quite funny he just decided to listen to her after being insulted? ^^"

Edit: Ah weirdly enough I was logged in... oh well nvm

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