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01 June 2012 @ 07:21 pm

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In the boundless lands of ancient Pangu, in a time where destiny and fate are adrift like dandelions in a breeze, Ying Ru is merely a simple-minded girl; daydreams when she wants to, fights jing when she's forced to, and focuses on her immortality when she's told to. Life becomes infinitely complicated after she encounters a certain cold-blooded xian .
Author's Rant
Hi! So... this fanfic (since every fandom deserves fanfics) is basically born of my uncontrollable new love of chinese xianxia novels and since I just love it so much, there was no way I could continue writing my usual kpop fanfics. Since I will ultimately fail at referencing anything factual, this will just be plain fantasy heavily inspired by the novels I've read. <3 for anyone willing to give this piece of fangirly writing a try!


I read this story as an audiobook so I can't say how thick the book is, but the audiobook flew by a little too fast! This might be good or bad, but for me, it felt to short since I wanted to keep reading. That's partially due to the open ending, which I can say, left too much to be desired. I guess the rational side of me is saying that it ended the way it had to be ended, since giving the story a happy ending would feel too much like fanservice and not what made sense for the story..... Alright, I'm just comforting myself, I absolutely hate the ending!

This is a xianxia story, and a lot of readers felt it was similar feel to Journey of Flower 花千骨. That's where it had me! Don't be decieved though, this is where the author 西西东东 makes the story special and interesting to read. Sure, it's got it's lovely coupling ships and cultivating path/plot, maybe even a few stereotypical character setups like Dong Hua (seriously there's a guy named Dong Hua in every other xianxia story), a demon god, a clueless girl, a loveable shixiong, a white-robed xian that reminds you of Bai Zi Hua... Within a few chapters you'll be thinking you're reading Journey of Flower for sure and you'll be so ready to get on the first ship that sails your way. Luckily, I waited because being the cynical person that I am, once the third guy comes into the story and stirs everything up, I was still not sure who the main guy was still! While everyone (at that chapter) was calling the main girl selfish and complaining that she's cold-blooded, I was suspecting if the author is nuts with the rate guys were dying off. This is not normal, there had to be more to it!

I have to keep applauding the author, because she really did a hell of a job twisting my mind. One word of advice to all readers-to-be, never trust the author and keep one thing holy: the main girl has the main guy's heart completely. I never doubted his heart, if I did I would be cursing him until the last chapter (because then you won't have the heart to)
Love this book a lot, because it really feels as if the characters are experiencing these mind-numbing twists and turns with you, they don't know any more than the reader does and discovers a lot of things when it's too late, which makes every bit of pain very fresh and raw. I think the author might really have some sadistic tendencies though, because I can't really forgive what she did to the main guy. How can she put him through that, I just can't accept it, it's too cruel for him! If he doesn't love her, fine, but he does and that's just heartwretching! Alright, I'll stop complaining about the ending and get on with the review. This story is all about revealing little clues, which reveal big secrets. The biggest secret is at the very end, in the epilogues. It explains the title of the book 不负荒颜. The word 颜 is a trick word and after finishing the last chapters and the epilogues, you'll understand what the title actually means. It's very hard to translate into english but the characters word for word actually mean "Not letting down the desolated face". Kind of nice if you asked me, to have no idea what the title means until you finish the book! Really have to appreciate the author for being so creative with the story, it makes Journey of Flower, which is a lot longer, to feel like a walk in the park with the complexity that's possible with such a short story. It's like a roller-coaster ride, short and utterly shakes you up.

I'm surprised this book is not very popular because it's really good! Some netizens have hard time looking for it online even and I'm not actually sure if there's published hard copy out. Luckily I read it as an audiobook and thanks to 云天河, who's work I was following led me to this story, I didn't miss out!

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19 October 2016 @ 01:52 am

I guess this post is in memory of my favorite character inside Tonghua's novel 长相思: Xiangliu (相柳) the nine-headed demon with nine lives. At first I just intended to write a review on the whole book, but in the end I just retitled it for Xiangliu because the majority of the post was about him anyways.

Who knew it would take me 3+ years to pick up this book and actually start reading it? After the heartbreak Once Promised left me in, I had to allow some time to read the aftermath right? Little did I know, this book would be completely new story, for the most part. This is the most dreaded thing I came to realise as I read this book: this is the last book. That means no more of this beautiful world will ever come to me on the pages of a book unless Tonghua decides to break the lock. Forgive me, I just can't get happy after finishing the last candy, knowing there was not going to be any more. That makes this book all the more special to me.

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Ever since I heard this song in the 飞刀又见飞刀 trailer, I've had it on the back of my head. The lyrics seems to really match Black Butterfly Knot too, but that's probably because it's a really suitable background song for a lot of xianxia stories with the whole "three lives, three worlds" and reincarnation thing.

Here's the lyrics translated by yours truly!
I had a big headache trying to put english to the lyrics since any 古风 song is an extra mile for poor ABC chinese girl like me lol. I conclude my chinese is probably 5th grade level because I was trying to translate some other songs by 董贞, another one of my favorite singers of this style of music and I just gave up because they're way too poetic for me *runs away sobbing*

If anyone has seen translations of her songs, do let me know! I'll super appreciate it if I can fully understand the lyrics since the music is so so beautiful.

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The good thing about watching this anime 7 years after it's release is I get 5 seasons to consume all at once. It's been so long since I've watched any anime, the last one being Pokemon I think? Ever since I got into dramas, my tv-watching has been strictly off the anime territory. There was just never enough of the anime/manga fangirl in me to keep that alive but now I am back and I think it is just for this one special one. The title of this animated series is Qin's Moon or Legend of Qin 秦时明月. I've heard of this title for a million years already so it's not unfamiliar, but I had the misunderstanding that it was an rpg game like 古剑奇谭 and Chinese Paladin 仙剑奇侠传 etc.. all those familiar names. It is actually an anime, China's only 3D anime and a very famous one at that. How I got tempted into watching this was thanks to Tangren's newest drama. Yes, it is being remade in live-action. I saw a trailer and immediately fell head over heels for it. It seemed to promise a hell of a story and for the novel-addict in me, the story is what reels me in. Did some research and found out that it is an animated drama, read the general synopsis, and then my impatience pushed me off the edge. I can't wait to save my life so here I am eating it all up like cookie monster. I'm on the 4th season already and I think I am already feeling the impending withdrawal when it's all going to come crashing into a wall. There's still 2 seasons but who knows when they will be released. I can feel the torturous wait already but I really can't get myself to slow down.

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29 December 2014 @ 10:09 pm


End of a Story

Snow never approached her since. It still continued circling overhead, disappearing every so often, Ying Ru suspected when it got hungry, but it followed her everywhere. Gradually, she accepted it.

Being the ironic persona that she is, she even gave it a name: Snow. It didn't have a cute ring to it like Fu Fu did, the name she had given the brown dog, but that's because a shiao is not a 'cute' creature in any sense. It is still pretty terrifying to her, and she hopes it never swoops down in front of her like that ever again. The distance right now, it somehow brings down that fright factor a whole lot.

Zhu Cheng's bustling crowd is as noisy as always. Ying Ru's eyes drift back and forth looking for a particular face.

She has gone down into Zhu Cheng again. One of three times leaving Bamboo Forest, she will meet with danger in the form of a jing or in the last incident, an animal. Still, she somehow ends up here. Saying she's itching for danger is not too far fetched.

"Lao Shen Sheng?" Ying Ru weaves through the busy street.

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